The idea of a dystopian existence and the brutalities that chequer the game–board of a totalitarian regime is something that our minds can accept, thanks to the relentless bombardment of images of babies with swollen bellies and blast radius debris. We formulate our notions of good and bad, ethical and immoral based upon what we see.We find solace in the fact that every regime can be countered by a revolt initiated by collective action. But what if this right to reason were taken away from us by a process of brutal indoctrination. Here in lies the basis for George Orwell’s book 1984.

Big Brother is watching you!!

1984 tells the story of a world that has been reduced to just three blocks of land called the Super States. A world where war is waged not for control over resources, world markets or power but rather to expend over-produced goods and maintain a certain standard of living among the strata of society so as to ensure that power remains in the hands of a few. A world where censorship is so baffling that the past is altered to suit the governments needs. Surviving in this world is our protagonist Winston Smith and his struggle to accept the world around him and whether he would succumb to the much feared brutal indoctrination in “ROOM 101”.

The most exciting and simultaneously disturbing part of the book is the compelling commentary explaining the bizarre principles of the totalitarian regime such as:




1984 is by far one of the scariest books I have ever read. Just the thought of a terrorist leafing though its pages at the transit lounge of an airport, reading and imbibing its disturbing content gives me the jitters. The irony of the book is that it can serve as an instrument that can inspire as well as incite extremist thought.

As absurd as the statement may seem .I hope 1984 never happens.Not now,not ever.

Don’t miss out on this book. Its gonna leave you dazed, fazed and most definitely amazed.