One fine day I decided that I was bored and would pick up the first book I would come across. And hence I ended up with ‘Gone, But Not Forgotten’ by Phillip Margolin.

Those who are familiar with Margolin’s work would know that he specializes in legal thrillers, half the time involving serial killers. This book, not surprisingly, is of the same genre.

The story is set in Portland and follows Elizabeth Tannenbaum, a criminal lawyer who had recently become famous as a feminist advocate. The world turns upside down after she is hired by multi-millionaire businessman Martin Darius. Young and wealthy socialites are being murdered and to nail the murderer, Tannenbaum has to dig into her client’s horrific past.

Well, to say the truth, I was hoping for some detective job in the book. There was none. There was no clue finding, elementary deducting. Everything was done by interrogation and pulling out theories from the air. Oh, well. Was there any mystery? If the author was trying to prevent the reader from guessing the killer, then CONGRATULATIONS! He succeeded, by introducing the killer’s character when the book is nearly over….. sorry for the spoiler, I had to say this.

Nevertheless, coming to the pros. The book has a decent narration, jumping between Hunter’s Point in the past and Portland in the present. That, and a good pace. For all its shortcomings, it never drags anywhere. That would explain how I finished this book in one sitting.

OVERALL, I give this book 2.5/5. Sorry Mr.Margolin, I prefer your other books. Read this only if you have nothing else. As far as this book is concerned, its gone and forgotten.