A lady globally accepted to be a legend, a lady globally admired yet wrongly stereotyped as a ‘dumb blond’, yes, MARILYN MONROE was a lot of things but never a dumb blond. This book is a reliable window to the real character and the complex and beautiful persona of Norma Jeane Mortenson turned sex symbol  and the adorable actor MARILYN MONROE (1926-1962).

Most of us have heard the name and have undeniably seen pictures of her more than once in our lives, but how many of us have had the courtesy to look beyond the stereotype description that the world came up for probably the worlds most intrinsically photogenic, commercially successful, and arguably one of the best multi-talented actors of all time. This book is a great place to start knowing the beautiful person and even more wonderful work of art turned artist, the one and only MARILYN MONROE.

The book is a compilation of photos that stretch far from the usual on screen stills and the scantly clad pics of the beautiful lady. It is an extensively researched and chronologically categorized archive of photographs that describe the complex, glamorous, extremely short and tumultuous life of the legend. It takes great pain about being correct and sympathetic about the unfortunate personal life that Marilyn Monroe lived and gives great focus on her short and spectacular career as a renowned Hollywood Star in every sense of the phrase.

It is a book that cannot be outmatched in any way for the beauty of the subject matter it covers. Every page of the book is thing of beauty by virtue of focusing on putting a moment of the life of arguably the most beautiful female body ever to walk the surface of the earth into perspective of the reader. Hence a true collectors item in every sense of the word. (Small and affordable too at under the Rs 300/- mark)

I would be correct in saying that this photo biography of MARILYN MONROE focuses on bringing out that side of the ‘dumb blond’, that side that encompasses the disturbing childhood, the lady in her that could never be loved more, all the failed marriages, all the male characters in her life that have tried and at times succeeded in taking advantage of her, the inherent sense of insecurity she felt, and a very aspiring and hard working artist who has always excelled and constantly tried to perfect her mastery in the craft that slowly but steadily consumed her. I can be sure that after going through this book, no one will feel easy hearing someone call this spectacular lady a ‘dumb blond’.

“Dogs never bite me, just humans”… Marilyn Monroe