This is my first attempt at a book review. I have decided to start with one of my all time favourite author R. K. Narayan’s bittersweet tale of two lovers set in Malgudi, a town like any other in India, but unique in its own beautiful way.

The Painter of Signs is about Raman, a signboard painter, a professional in the true sense of the word. He is a rationalist who has an air of aestheticism about him. Narayan portrays Raman’s struggle to try to make the people around him see his point of view by quizzical dialogs  which Raman conducts with himself throughout the book. Raman lives with his traditional aunt, whose only pleasures in life, it would seem, was tending to Raman’s needs, reminiscing about her past and taking up the name of God.

A delightful read...

Enter Daisy. A highly independent and attractive young woman, who believes in “Women Power” and has a sole aim of reducing the growth rate of the Indian Population. She enlists Raman’s help for painting signs and slogans all across the surrounding villages and thus begins one of the greatest love stories of all time or wait is it??

As he has done time and again, Narayan, has touched upon a variety of subjects through his characters and has managed to give life to even the most inanimate of things through his story-telling techniques. The beauty of this and all of Narayan’s works lies in the fact that anybody, from a 10-year-old to an 80-year-old, can read them, feel contented and laugh at his humor.

So, grab a copy of The Painter of Signs, to know more about Raman, Daisy and their signboards.