This little world isolated in a cold corner of the universe kept warm by a dying sun has seen a lot of books down the ages. Some of them got engraved right into our hearts… some of them made us realise our line of thought was actually a complete circle ( a ZERO)… but then.. there were ‘bestsellers’ which could have been avoided by a good teacher.. and those books whose cover pages were too far apart.

So a  few of us at the National Institute of technology who make up this small group of  people with appetite for fun start this initiative called BOOK LOVERS FORUM  which is a library with the warning board ” thank you for NOT  keeping quiet”. Be as loud as you can about a book that you love and be even louder when it comes to criticizing one you found a waste of time. Oh yes! here we have the good books, the not so good books and “you call that a book ?” books too. because at book lovers forum we believe, a bad book is as much of a labor to write as a good one, it comes as sincerely from the author’s soul.

But then we realized, some people’s laptops are too heavily placed on their laps that they live online more than they actually LIVE!. So the same above mentioned group of people open up this Cafe Quill for all the book lovers who stand up for the books they love and find even more fun in making fun of the books they don’t .

So, basically here you have a place to discuss anything and everything about books, the authors, especially the cute female ones and everything else.

Enjoy ! ! ! . . .